Friday, December 23, 2011

Emerson Creek Pottery Outlet: Great Shopping in the Boondocks

In November, I was perusing the wares for sale at an art/craft festival in Myrtle Beach, SC.  One of the artisans was a potter who was selling, among other things, a small pottery colander meant for rinsing cherry tomatoes, berries, grapes, and the like.  It had a drain to catch the water and could be left on the counter for anyone to eat the freshly cleaned produce.  I thought it was adorable and practical but, being on a budget, I couldn’t bring myself to pay $38.00 for it. 

Over a month later I was thinking that I would still love to have a pottery colander and looked them up online.  I found a huge selection but also for higher than what I wanted to pay.  That’s when I remembered that Emerson Creek Pottery, a pottery in Bedford, VA, has an outlet store.  I had never been to it before but knew someone who had years ago and they spoke highly of it.  So, one day, while riding out in the boondocks, I decided to try to find it. 
NOTE:  For those of you unfamiliar with the expression “the boondocks”, it’s just a good old Southern term for in the boonies, sticks, or out in the country.  In other words, it’s a rural area usually far off from the nearest town, also called, “timbuktu” (not pertaining to the actual place, Timbuktu). 

Well, let me tell you, the outlet is definitely in the boondocks!  In fact, on the first attempt, I didn’t find it before their 4 pm closing so I gave up.  I tried again a few days later with the aid of Map Quest and, after still a few missed turns, I made it.  The outlet is back off a country road in an old farm house originating from the early 1800’s.  Each room is full of pottery in various shapes, sizes and patterns and all at much better than retail prices.  I was able to find the much desired colander ($16.99) and a shortbread pan ($6.99) for me, as well as, a few gifts for friends.  It was worth the effort to find the outlet store, plus I never mind a drive in the country.

The next time you’re in the mood for a drive in the country, check out the Emerson Creek Pottery Outlet Store and tell them Cindy at sent you!  For those of you who can’t make it to Virginia, you can visit the Emerson Creek Pottery website for purchases, at regular retail prices, at

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  1. Cindy, thanks so much for letting us know of a pottery so close to home. For years I would drive to the pottery shop in Williamsburg to find interesting gifts, or my own personal home decor. Then I think they closed. Great to know Emerson is nearby and I luv taking S L O W drives to the Boondocks. looking forward to it.