Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seaman's Orchard: Strawberry Fields Forever

Spring is here and it’s time to pick strawberries.  But where are you going to go in Central Virginia to do that?  There are numerous places but I’ve found one that I really like in Nelson County, Virginia.  It is Seaman’s Orchard. 

Seaman’s Orchard has been family run for over 73 years.  In addition to strawberries, they also grow pumpkins, apples, cherries, and next year will also have blueberries.  You can pick your own strawberries or call ahead and they will have some picked for you.  The farm is located between Amherst and Lovingston and the drive there is lovely. 

View on the way to the orchard!
You can check out their website at for more information on what is in and when.  Next month, it should be cherries!  So, take a trip over to the orchard and tell them Cindy at sent you!

P.S. Check out my post ("Strawberry Dreams for the Budget Conscious") on my other blog at for ideas on what to do with all of those beautiful strawberries!

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